Fantasy Football


Your ultimate fantasy. No, I’m not taking about that fantasy you had with Mrs. Parker in the fourth grade Randy! I’m talking about fantasy football, the ultimate fantasy any man has come across (pun intended). Fantasy football is the best way for men to escape their wives/girlfriends, and hang out with their boys. When the football season is on life just seems so much better, if your team is wining. The winner of their league has the right to smash talk all year long until the league starts up again and even then he’ll still keep reminding you that he won the $200 pool money, and how he took that girl you liked on Instagram on date with your money; that my friend is the ultimate savage.


Fantasy football is the test of football knowledge and the luck of picking up someone who goes of in the waivers, like seriously. It didn’t matter if you picked up Le’veon Bell, David Johnson, or Elliot in the first round, but anyone who picked Melvin Gordon, Dak Prescott, or Terrelle Pryor in waivers got the last laugh.

For our beloved wifes/girlfriends who don’t watch football and play fantasy football I ask you one question, what has football ever done to besides give you sexy men like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, and Odel Beckham Jr. If you can’t stand us at least watch the game for them, we know you be lurking on them anyways.

Side note, fantasy football is honestly awesome and good time with the buddies; you get to hang out, catch up on life, share a beer and actually meet up face to face and watch games. In era of social media and virtual conversations it’s nice to actually mix the “fantasy world” in real life and socialize. Life’s full of ups and down and it’s nice to escape for a moment doing things you like and being with people who make you laugh; and if the women still salty, tell em’ fantasy football over everyone, FFOE.



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