Eating & Drinking

One of my favourite hobbies is trying new restaurants. It’s a nice way to get out of the house once a week, experience a new culture and enjoy good company. This hobby is particular fun to do in Toronto during the summer months when you have access to patios. Yes, patio season is great, and must be taken advantage of in Canada when the weather is warm! The reason why Toronto is particular great for restaurant trying is because there are so many options! Living in a multicultural city offers diverse foods, drinks and experiences, which is something we should all take advantage of. The whole experience of being in a restaurant is fun in itself. You walk in, observe the décor, smell the food, and take a look around at random people you might find entertaining. It’s even more fun when you plan on eating with someone you love taking to! Trying new foods also comes with the perks of trying new drinks. With Toronto’s mixology industry growing, you will find some unique cocktails you’ll be sure to enjoy. Now that I have you thinking about food, I’d thought I share some awesome spots for you to check out. Cantina Mexicana, if you like Mexican (obviously). Dailo, if you want to try a unique French/Asian cuisine, and The Harlem Underground if you’re into soul food. In essence, trying a new restaurant once a week will add something new to your life, even if it’s just for an hour.




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