The reason why I draw is because it helps me relax, I enjoy it and it provides a sense of accomplishment when I look down at my finished piece and see that I created something beautiful. Its also something I have always been good at, a talent that I only fully realized when I was twelve years old and since then continually worked on improving. I turn to drawing most often when I am in a happy and carefree mood. Contrary to what people might think I don’t often like to draw when I’m feeling strong negative emotions. The reason for that is because I completely lose my patience when I’m in a bad mood and end up getting easily frustrated with myself resulting in hasty and sloppy art work. As a hobby art is like no other its limitless and a completely unique experience for every individual. Every one has their own style and ways to communicate their message and express their thoughts. Art is something I would strongly recommend that everyone try whether your good at it or not because it provides you an opportunity to delve into your inner most thought and provides new perspectives.



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