The Love for Anime

The Love For Anime

Anime 101
The love for anime

As a child I grew up watching a lot of cartoons and my Mom never failed to ask me to stop watching Tv all day and do something with my life. Little did I know that all this Tv watching experience would one day help me make a living. I’ve watched a lot of shows from varied genres over the years. Right from Friends, Simpsons, Homeland, House, Game of Thrones so on and so forth. All of this was good but Anime is the one thing I love watching the most. Dragon Ball Z and One Piece was something that got me hooked to anime, but to be honest I was always a big fan of the Batman series way before I started off with Dragon Ball Z. As a die hard fan I moved from one anime to another finishing the series as quickly as possible, and every series had a different experience to it. I learned new things through each anime I watched, which helped me grow as person while gaining some valuable insights along the way.

Dragon Ball Z taught me to never give up on life and to cherish every moment of life. One piece showed me to always keep my eyes on my goal and no matter the trials along the way don’t loose hope in my dreams. Naruto & Fairy Tail taught me to cherish the bonds I share with those arounds me. Ruroni Kenshin taught me have a code of conduct and to stick by it. Detective Conan taught me that limitations are put forth by our minds and with a little help you can break free from those barriers.

There are so many shows and there’s tons of things I’ve learned through watching anime, and although years have passed my love for Anime has remain unchanged.


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