Life with Sports


In today’s society, professional athletes are idealized, spoiled with endless publicity and amenities. I’m sure there are many people, like myself, who could only imagine the thrill of being a professional athlete within any sport. Although I don’t play sports for a living, sports have been a great part of my life and have taught me many valuable lessons and traits that I harness today. Sports also has the ability to bring people together. Many people organize events and outings to go watch teams compete. In addition, sports can also enhance a community and cause people to become more active. Basketball, in particular, is my favorite sport to play. The heart, competitiveness, passion, and teamwork are all great things I love about the game. More than anything, I love the feeling of winning.

Throughout my life, I haven’t played for many teams, other than my high school basketball team, but if I could go back in time, I would definitely pursue playing basketball outside of school as well. I feel being on the court causes individuals to really step out of their “shells” in order to be an effective player on your team. For me, playing basketball allowed me to develop many skills and traits. Such as leadership, teamwork, responsibility, trust, and loyalty. In order for a team to play well together and be successful, all players must possess all of these skills/traits.

The most transferrable skill that I have intensely learned from playing basketball over the years, is TEAMWORK. It taught me the importance and how effective people can achieve a goal when everyone collectively works together with a common focus. This is a valuable life lesson that anyone can learn from sports and easily apply to daily activities, such as cleaning, or even tasks within your job like brainstorming.


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