I thought this year I would try something new. I am a curious person and like to try new things and challenge myself. This year I decided to try out yoga to see what it’s like and if I see myself perusing it. The first thing I did was do some research on yoga and see what equipment I will need for it. I also came across some benefits of yoga such as increased flexibility, improving respiration and energy, and it also helps with focus. Since I am in school right now and there are times when I get really busy and stressed with work and school this is a great stress reliever because it gives me a piece of mind and helps me to focus on one thing at a time.

There are many places where you can do yoga such as your own home, at a studio with other people, or a peaceful place outside. The places I enjoy doing yoga the most are outside where I have a beautiful view of nature. I feel at peace in places where I can hear sounds such as the waves crashing on the rocks, birds chirping, and the smell of the salt water coming from the beach. Since it’s winter right now and it freezing cold outside I just do it at home, although it a bit more challenging because my dog is constantly trying to bite my mat.

I just recently got my mom into doing yoga and it makes doing yoga even more enjoyable because now I have someone else trying it out with me and learning new things each time. So far yoga has made me be a more positive person and has also helped me with my health. I have really enjoyed it so far and I see myself continuing to do yoga in the future along with some other new things I find along the way.




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