Going to the gym, one thing everyone forgets or ignores is cardio. But it’s the one exercise that helps everyones potential. Wether your looking to burn fat or build muscle, cardio cam help. Building myscle? Cardio helps stimulate muscle growth. Burning fat and weight? Cardio burns that the fastest. Also it helps improve your endurance so you can lift, squat, and run longer than you ever thought was possible. But first you need to be able to make it worth it. You can’t just add a ten minute run and think thats . You need to push yourself. Obviously within your limits, as too much and your on the floor sick. What I have found that works is sprinkling runs throughout your workout. In total I am doing forty minutes of cardio in total, but I am running throughout my workout. I’ll start with a run on the strider and then I will lift for a bit. Afterwards I’ll put a run on the eliptical in the middle. Then I finish the rest of my workout and end with a run. The key thing I make sure is that eun in the middle. It helps bring my heart rate back up, so I can continue to lift. I find that I feel weaker and tired but that boost I get helps me finish my exercise and bring me to the home stretch. Really, I just want to see more people running, instead of fearing the cardio zone. Hopefully this post shows the benefits of what cardio can offer!cardio-treadmill_1


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