My Life Through Art.

I know my purpose in life is to be an artist. I’ve known ever since I was a kid. Whether I was scribbling, destroying, pasting, I always knew that I wanted to create something. This passion grew with me throughout public school, where I would compete with peers to have the best drawings in art class, or to win the design for the grade 8 Year Book cover page. This determination followed me into high school where I was introduced to the art teacher who would change my life, Mrs. Barrett. This teacher not only inspired me, she more importantly supported me through my artistic growth. Mrs. Barrett was the one who encouraged me to attend McMaster University where I majored in Studio Art with a minor in Art History. It was the best decision I’ve even made. I immediately fell in love with the McMaster Studio Art program, which only admitted 30 students out of 500+ portfolio applications. It was competitive, demanding, and most importantly inspiring. My forte was always painting, but during my 2nd year I began experimenting more with metal through tag welding and plasma cutting where I created life-size skeletal figures. Eventually I began marrying the two mediums by painting oils directly onto oxidized sheets of metal. The content of my work focused on feminist issues, particularly feminist views that center on the control of women and the placement of the female body within a male patriarch society. My objective was always to bring forth dominant messages that not only created awareness of the tyranny of women but one that stimulated conceptual scrutiny. I was pretty extreme and bold with my work to say the least, but it was the most liberating time of my life. Years have past since I graduated from McMaster, and although I didn’t follow the path I had originally mapped out when I was 17 years old, I re-routed myself to end up in Sheridan’s Advertising and Marketing Communications program (the starving artist thing wasn’t working out for me). I felt Sheridan would compliment my artistic talent, as it was a way to branch out into the business side of creativity. This was of utmost importance to me, as I could never envision myself living a life where I was not creating in some form or another. Advertising is a career that will not only allow me to design, but more importantly it will always provide me a platform to state a message.



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