I’m not too sure when was the first time I started playing football or the first time I kicked a ball, I guess I’m not the type to remember every single detail in life. But ever since I was a young boy I’ve been fascinated by this amazing sport. I grew up admiring the likes of Zidane, Scholes, Ronaldinho & Maldini and other such great footballers. The footwork, the style of play and the teamwork between people completely different from each other was something that caught my eye.

Fascinated by the game I began playing with the neighbourhood boys determined to play as well as the idols I looked up to. To be honest I played fairly well, no fancy footwork like a few guys on the squad but decent enough to make it to the starting line up. Ah, and what a moment of pride it is, to be called up to be part of the starting line up. Playing football has been my passion for some years now, I’ve played for my school and continued playing for the college team, but somewhere between following your dreams as a child and growing up and taking responsibilities the passion seems to be fading away.

I still continue to play but its back to playing with the neighbourhood boys, and regular practice sessions have turned into weekly practice sessions which as time passes by may soon turn into biweekly practice sessions just like our pay. Every time I step on that field I’m filled with this feeling of joy and happiness, something that cannot be expressed in words, something that can only be felt by someone with true love for the game.

Oh, and all this while if you haven’t guessed it, I’m talking about the beautiful game of soccer. The Original Football, the only name it’s known by around the globe.


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