Books & Reading

Grabbing a coffee and going book shopping is one of my favourite hobbies for so many reasons. It’s a nice way to keep in touch with your personal interests as you gravitate towards books you never thought you’d be into. It’s also great for learning a little bit about yourself. From so many options to choose from, you can find yourself in fiction novels, well-being books, or even crazy horoscope books. The best part about not looking for a specific book is being surprised with what you left with. In addition to books being an awesome way to stimulate your brain and improve your reading and comprehension, it really provides you with insights and experiences you learn through authors, or characters. I like to think of it as learning mistakes before making them yourself. I’ve personally been reading a new book every couple of months, and sometimes they have the ability to leave a lasting impression on you or teach you lessons you’ll always remember. Being a student, it can be hard to mix in leisurely reading as your required to focus on your grades and textbooks but I highly recommend you grab a book your interested in during the summer months to keep your brain working!


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