Free Weights

Free weights tend can be overwhelming for people new to the gym. When you come into the gym you stick to the machines because they have instructions on them and can be very easy to follow and use. However in the long run, free weights can be much more effective in building strength and muscle. So many more exercises open up once you feel comfortable using dumbbells and bars. However this post is not disregarding machines because they serve a useful purpose just as much as free weights. Machines target spots and work just those spots. But free weights bring in your stabilizing muscles. If lifting properly, not only are you working the muscle but you are working the muscles that stabilize and keep your body steady. They help bring more definition to your muscles and help your balance. There is also no rush going into free weights. You can go in with the basic stuff you may know. After getting comfortable with these exercises there are more to lookout out for. Always be searching for new exercises that help push your body, but always in a safe manner. There’s no use getting hurt at the gym and losing progress on your goals. Combining everything at the gym will help get you on the path you want to be on. dumbbells


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