A New Relationship With Cooking

I never use to enjoy cooking. In fact I always use to rely on other people to cook for me (mom/roomies/boyfriend), or was perfectly content with a mediocre dish of peanut butter melted on whatever. It wasn’t until recently that my mentality towards the kitchen changed for the better. I am now one of the many fortunate people in the world who discovered that they have not only GLUTEN sensitivity, but a DAIRY one as well! How fun! When my Naturopathic Dr. delivered this unforeseen death sentence that I felt would ultimately ruin my relationship with bread and cheese, I obviously threw a pity party for myself. However, all is not lost! In fact, I discovered quickly that not only do restaurants provide alternative dietary options, but also the majority of grocery stores have now integrated designated isle sections for gluten free/ dairy free options. More so, the food trends surrounding vegan and paleo diets have provided an abundance of recipe ideas that cater to such sensitivities. My go to provider for delicious recipes has been the ever-popular Oh She Glows cookbook, which is filled with creative plant-based meals. As I have had to take on the responsibility of cooking my own meals (in order to monitor ingredients used and to prevent cross-contamination) I’ve discovered the fulfillment of hanging out in the kitchen and using actual cooking appliances. Not only do I feel more like an adult, but I’ve also found a significant change in my overall health and energy levels through cleaning up and altering my diet. I’ve even transformed into a magician by possessing the new found skill set to tricking friends into thinking they are eating ground beef when in fact, they are inhaling crushed walnuts. Even more gratifying is learning to process homemade almond milk (seriously nothing tastes better in coffee), dairy free sour cream consisting mainly of cashews, and of course satisfying desserts. In summary, to those who have been suffering from food allergies/sensitivities, I am here to assure you that your taste buds don’t have to suffer; you just have to get creative.



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