Foods Of the World

I’ve traveled a fair share and I love tasting cuisines from around the globe. I’ve tasted food from the Arabic cuisine, Chinese, Korean, Indian, Italian and the Caribbean cuisine. I’ve won’t debate over which food is best tasting, since each of these cuisine had their own taste, texture & aroma. I’ll discuss a few below and share my opinion on the matter.

Middle Eastern diet mainly consists of Hummus & Khubuz/ pita bread, which tastes absolutely great. The two make a fine pairing and is light on the palate. The hummus is mainly made of chickpeas with a few other ingredients and ground to a paste in a blender. The end result is a smooth tasting paste which can be had with pita bread or any other bread.

Korean barbecue is something that I tasted for very recently, and something which made me work for my meal. I usually like having my meal brought in a platter and ready to eat, but that wasn’t the case with Korean Barbecue. Thin strips of meat could be ordered and would be brought and placed on the table. A round barbecue lies in the centre of the table and meat is to be cooked right at the table. Various types of meat can be ordered right from chicken, beef, pork to fish; and this will be brought to the table in small portions. Pretty neat eh! I loved the whole part of cooking the meat to your liking and then eating it but also hated to wait so long for it to be cooked.

I’m an avid Indian food lover, mainly because I hail from that very nation. The Indian cuisine has varied taste because every part of India has its very own flavour. Food from North India would be hot and spicy while to the south food would be sweet and mainly consist of Rice & Fish. I guess every part of the nation has its very own way of making the same kind of meat or vegetable, although butter chicken & Naan seems to be loved across the globe.

That’s all for now, I hope you loved the little snip bit on my experience with tasting food from around the world.


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