Sounds From The 6ix

It’s been less than one year since Drake released new music, which is crazy for someone in his position at the top of the music industry. VIEWS his last release saw record breaking sales numbers and chart topping singles and Drake stans weren’t really expecting another release from him anytime soon even saying that he should take a break.

Oddly enough, in his new album, More Life, Drake speaks on this and feels differently. He’s ready and willing to give us a new set of songs known as the new era industry standard, a playlist.

Let’s go back and take a look at Drake’s discography and see just how far he’s come.

  1. So Far Gone
  2. Thank Me Later
  3. Take Care
  4. NWTS
  8. More Life



With this latest release Drake seems to be at his best, a jump from VIEWS which seemed jaded and unlike himself in recent years. With 22 records and an array of styles at his disposable, we can easily predict that the Drake hysteria will only get bigger from here.



One thought on “Sounds From The 6ix

  1. The beauty of Drake albums is that he always keeps us guessing on whats coming next…whether its features with a gospel choir, RnB melodies, etc, the list is endless. However, with his constant change, he’s won some fans, and I’m sure he’s lost some from constantly switching up his style lyrically, but one thing that I & I’d assume a lot of others will always respect about him as an artist, is that he always supports local talent such as PARTYNEXTDOOR, The Weeknd, and various other names. He even supports underrated talent from afar such as Skepta from the UK grime scene. So Kudos to Drake for a successful run in the music industry so far.


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