Now Hiring- Just give me the job!

Our latest hobby – Finding a Job!


Mary & Raj here!


There is a reason why this month is often referred to as “March Madness”- the weather is bipolar, kids get a full week off school, and the harsh reality for College/University students really sets in. That’s right, its time to embrace adulthood and join the world of employment. This process entails: portfolio/resume/networking/cover-letter/business card PANIC! As both Raj and I are nearing the end of our Advertising and Marketing Communications program here at Sheridan College, the overall environment on campus has become polluted with daily mental break downs and an overall atmosphere of Millennials stressing the *$%k out. Myself personally, am interested in gaining entry into the creative industry, specifically as an Art Director within an Advertising Agency.

Unfortunately, my program lacked in providing advanced technical skills regarding digital design, which gives me a serious disadvantage to compete within an industry centred on graphic design. So now what? Do I enrol in yet another program for 2 years that focuses more on graphic design? Or do I take a chance and apply for marketing communication positions? The corner I’ve found myself in is whether or not I stick to my life long passion dedicated to art and design, or jump into the work force with the skills set I’ve established. After 6 years of post secondary education, at what point do you pull the plug on your “dream job”, and just take a risk and start working towards building a career? That being said, I clearly have much more self-reflection and decision making to do over the next couple of weeks before I throw myself into the lion’s den. Wish me luck!



I feel you heavy Mary, graduating this April is going to be bitter sweet. Escaping the comfort of a planned, controlled, and scheduled environment of Sheridan and entering the unappreciable real world…yikes! I didn’t know what to expect when I joined the Advertising and Marketing Communications program, and after being in the program for 2 years there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. The media world, prior to the this program, was just annoying ads on the TV and Internet, with that one or two occasional good ad; However, now I know better; I understand the metrics, research, brainpower, money, and strategies that go behind an ad and have more appreciation for it.

My 2 years have been very interesting and I now find myself applying for jobs in media buying & programmatic buying/planning. I find that the future of advertising and digital is huge and I want to be apart of it. Even though I find this field very intriguing, the job process is very tedious. I have been working endlessly editing and restructuring resumes to fit respective job qualifications. Currently, I am in the process of undergoing various phone and in-person interviews. Although, I see the light at the end of the tunnel, I feel as if I still have a lot of digging to do.



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